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    Home Advisory

    Jiangsu dayishan investment and development co., ltd. is located in the southwest of the national 5A level scenic spot, the national civilization demonstration site -- huaguo mountain scenic spot, the southeast of the ancient city of haizhou, the former residence of premier zhou in the south, and the national historic and cultural city -- huai 'an. As one of the first batch of cities open to the outside world, lianyungang city has formed the three-dimensional traffic pattern of "water, railway and air transport" and the regional traffic hub line of south, north and east and west. There are shuttle buses and flights to major cities across the country. It is 50 kilometers away from the dayi mountain scenic area, and has the national 4D level airport -- baitabu airport, which can take off and land Boeing 767, A300, MD90 and other large and medium-sized passenger aircraft (the airport is being planned in xiaoyi township of guanyun county, and the airport will reach the scenic area about 10 kilometers after completion). Da-yishan scenic spot is 1 km, 40 km, 40.3 km and 37 km away from guanyun long-distance bus station, xinpu bus station, xinpu railway station and suxinkui station in lianyungang respectively. Da-yi mountain scenic spot is only 2 kilometers away from 204 national road and 324 provincial road. Close to yining lian expressway, about 25 kilometers away from the entrances and exits of fen irrigation expressway, lian xu expressway and coastal expressway; In addition, the tai yi mountain scenic spot is 60 kilometers away from the lianyungang ferry terminal, which is accessible from Japan and Korea. The highway exit of ninglian highway and the traffic sign in the main road of the county district are provided. There are 101 bus direct to the scenic spot in the city for a long time, which makes the traffic very convenient and fast.

    Vehicle timing charge standard
    Parking information
    Dayishan scenic area with its own parking lot4,Total area over15000square meters,There are 1000 parking Spaces,Have 200 large car parking Spaces、mid car parking Spaces400、small car parking Spaces400,It can basically meet the demand of parking in the peak tourist season.
    Time rate
    Day time(yuan/30 min)
    Blue licence 10 15
    Yellow licence 15 20
    Motorcycle 2 2
    1、Free parking for less than 30 minutes.
    2、Free parking for morning exercise vehicles.
    Explanation of rates
    Explain service information
    You can enjoy the tour guide service in tai yi mountain in the following two ways:
    Method 1: pay attention to the public number WeChat of dayi mountain scenic spot, and book explanation service.
    Method 2: the visitors center at the entrance of the south gate can ask the manual interpreter.
    Point of service CHINA ENGLISH
    num charge note num charge note
    Stone Buddha temple 1-30people 50yuan Explained the midline 1-30people Explained the midline
    Dayishan 1-30people 100yuan Explained the midline 1-30people Explained the midline
    The scenic area the whole 1-30people 150yuan The whole interpretation 1-30people The whole interpretation
    Ticket prices
    Ticket price and business information :
    Business hours of scenic spot:8:00—17:30,morning8:00and after afternoon5:30,The scenic area is open to the public free of charge。
    ticket price note
    full price 60yuan Admission date valid
    Discount 30yuan child:tall1.4—1.6mile(including)
    old:60to69years(show your idcard)
    studnet:at school(show your Student id card)
    free 0yuan child:tall below 1.4(not including1.4mile)
    old man:over 70years(including70year)
    the disabled:Show a disability document(Severely disabled people can carry an attendant)
    soldier:Produce service soldier, officer certificate
    other:Blood donation certificate, stem cell donor, yantong gold card, yantong silver card