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    Recruit people! Recruit people! Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd. Recruitment!

    Dayishan 2018-07-18 286

    Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd. is a state-owned wholly-owned tourism investment enterprise approved by the Guanyun County People's Government. It undertakes the tourism investment development business of the Daeshan Scenic Spot, a national 4A scenic spot. Due to business needs, the company has openly recruited 2 contract staff members for the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

    First, recruitment positions

        For details of the recruitment information, please refer to “Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd. 2018 Recruitment List” (Annex 1)

    Second, recruitment conditions

      1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China and enjoy the political rights of citizens; adhere to the four basic principles and support the line, principles and policies of the Communist Party of China.

    2. Compliance with laws and regulations, good conduct, unity and comrades, honest and honest.

    3. One of the following circumstances may not be applied for:

       (1) Have been criminally punished and reeducated through labor;

       (2) has been expelled from public office and expelled from school;

       (3) The suspected violation of law and discipline is being reviewed and no conclusion has been reached;

       (4) There are social bad credit records.

    Third, the recruitment process and implementation steps

    Recruitment is conducted in accordance with the procedures for registration, qualification examination, interview, medical examination, and publicity.

    (1) Registration

    On-site registration, the registration location is located on the second floor of the ticketing center on the east side of Yishan Dafo, Guanyun County. The deadline for registration is May 9 (8:30-11:30 14:30-17:00 daily), except holidays.

    Online registration: Within the specified time, applicants will register the registration form, electronic photos (recently-free two-inch face photo, JPG format, 20KB or less) and the registration form (handwritten signature version), ID card, graduation A scanned copy of the certificate, degree certificate and other related materials will be sent to

    Applicants must hold their ID card, academic degree certificate, and if relevant work experience or other qualification certificate, please provide the original and photocopy of the relevant materials, and return the original to the person after face-to-face verification. After the initial review meets the requirements, fill out the “Application Form for Open Recruitment of Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd.” (Attachment 2), and submit two photos of the same 2-inch bareheaded color certificate.

       (2) Qualification review

    Relevant personnel of Jiangsu Dayishan Investment and Development Co., Ltd. will review the materials of the applicants, conduct preliminary examination of the suitable positions of the applicants through material review, and notify the participants through the initial review.

    (3) Interview

    1. The interview score is 100 points, and the interview results are within 2 working days after the end of the interview in the "Lianyungang Dayishan Scenic Area Official Website" ( Announced.

    2. The interview time and place will be notified separately.

       (4) Physical examination

        According to the results of the interview, the person who participated in the medical examination will be determined from the high score to the low score according to the ratio of the hiring position to be employed. The medical examination time and the medical examination hospital will be notified separately. The medical examination is carried out in accordance with the "General Standard for the Examination of Civil Servants (Trial)", and the medical examination costs are self-care.

    (5) Publicity

    Those who have passed the medical examination will be publicized for 5 working days in the official website of Lianyungang Dayishan Scenic Area ( and will be supervised by all walks of life.

    The vacancies that appear in the physical examination, publicity and other aspects are supplemented according to the interview scores from high to low.

    (5) Employment

    A person who has no objection to the publicity shall sign a labor contract with Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd. The contract is signed once a year, and the probation period is three months. Those who fail to pass the probation period will be disqualified and the labor relationship will be terminated. No replenishment will be made after the approval of the application. A performance appraisal is conducted once a year, and those who pass the appraisal continue to use it.

    Fourth, personnel management and work treatment

    (1) Personnel management

    The recruiter has a contract system. The daily management, use and assessment of the hired personnel by Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    (2) Work treatment

    1. The information administrator's salary is not less than 3,000 yuan, and the financial salary is not less than 2,000 yuan. Pay five insurances, and do not pay five insurance during the probation period.

    2. Bonus. According to the performance of the work, those with excellent work performance have room for promotion salary.

    V. Supplementary provisions

    The right to interpret this brief is owned by Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    Tel: 0518-88863009

                             Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    May 4, 2018

    Jiangsu Dayishan Investment Development Co., Ltd. 2018 Recruitment List